Amendments to the Chief Minister’s Motion on the Spanish Tax Treaty, such that the House declares it has neither approved it nor considers it to be in Gibraltar’s interests, have been proposed by GSD MP the Hon Roy Clinton MP in a letter to the Speaker of the Gibraltar Parliament this morning.

Mr Clinton said:

“The Chief Minister cannot expect to lay an executed tax treaty before the House that has not been approved by it. This Treaty undermines not just our devolved powers but also sovereignty in respect of taxation under the Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006.

In addition the terms of the Treaty as have been outlined by GSD Leader Keith Azorpardi are detrimental to Gibraltar and is biased in favour of Spain. This would not have been the case if a model OECD double tax treaty had been entered into instead as exists for example between the UK and Spain.

It is for these reasons I am seeking to amend the Chief Minister’s Motion when it is debated.”