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Today’s lengthy queues at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department serve as a mere glimpse of the chaos a no-deal Brexit could unleash, especially, in the absence of proper contingency measures and e-services.

Lawrence Llamas MP highlighted today the need for basic resources to deal with the additional demands on the public sector Brexit may represent. In a GSD statement Mr Llamas said “It is only fair on the public sector fronting the service and the taxpayers trying to access public services as and when Brexit measures unfold, there should be minimum disruption to the standard service.

It would be wise, in the same way as affordable housing projects are dealt with from specially set up premises, to set up a Brexit one stop shop office to deal with the public on Brexit related matters. Additionally, whilst we wait for e-government to make its much anticipated appearance, it would be even wiser, to set up electronic services to equally support the Brexit office and the taxpayer. In today’s day and age, there really is no reason why application forms cannot be submitted and paid for online cutting back on the time spent by persons in public counters”