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The GSD has today launched an anonymous survey specifically designed for public health care sector employees/consultants. The GSD hopes the initiative will be embraced in a positively constructive manner and taken up by our nurses, doctors, consultants, care workers, lab technicians etc. Shadow Minister for Health and Care Lawrence Llamas MP said “Essentially, if you are involved in the running of our public health sector, we want to hear from ​YOU!​​”

The anonymous survey is composed of 28 questions with the initial 4 questions being compulsory. The survey will be available during the next 2 weeks, up until the 8th December on the following link:

The survey follows on from the Healthy Minds Matter Survey launched in October which aimed to identify common causes driving mental health issues as well as gathering information on how different people interact with the mental health system. Now we want to view things from the perspective of the workforce serving our health and care sector, not just mental health services, but across the spectrum.

Mr Llamas MP further added “I am looking forward to hearing and listening to the staff and healthcare professionals who are delivering our health service on a daily basis . I believe it is a great opportunity to build policy for the future. The anonymity of the survey affords the opportunity to tackle concerns which may not be voiced for whatever reason.

We have a very clear agenda which is to:

➢ ​Survey➢ ​Listen➢ Analyse➢ Act

The initiative is part of a wider, holistic approach which the GSD has been embarked on for the last year as part of its outreach programme. The party has had the opportunity to develop contacts with many charities, groups and associations thereby our public consultation to another level.”