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GSD asks Government to pause and reflect on the creation of a new digital services authority and to pursue overdue policies instead

GSD calls on the Government to pause and reflect on the creation of a new digital services authority and to pursue communication and data sharing policies between departments which are well overdue and will enhance efficiency in the public sector for the benefit of the private sector.
The GSD notes the hasty and unilateral decision by the GSLP/Liberal Government to effectively bypass any consultation with the relevant union in the creation of the new Digital Services Authority resulting in a planned walk out tomorrow at 2:30pm.

This is the second time in the space of not even a week that the Government demonstrates it’s arrogant approach when dealing with the civil service by avoiding proper consultation with the relevant trade union having seen last week’s unexplained 10% salary increase for a particular group of senior officers.

In a GSD statement today, Shadow Minister for E-Government Lawrence Llamas MP said “This Government has had almost 8 years in which to deliver e-government, 8 years in which technology advances have moved quicker and further than ever before, but yet, they have failed in delivering any meaningful change to the taxpayer and the business sector.

The arguments for the creation of a new authority remain unconvincing. For years now the ITLD has grown in numbers but also in expertise, the GSD truly believes that investing in the department and the professionals behind it is vital for long term continuity and succession.

The GSD calls on the Government to reflect and consult on their decision and to instead actively pursue policies which are effectively cost free to the taxpayer such as proper communication channels and secure sharing of data between departments which will enhance the service afforded to the service users, in particular businesses.”