Government needs to come clean on Community Services and Supplies Limited & Wonderworks Media Limited

By 1st December 2022 No Comments


In last week’s Parliamentary session, the GSD asked questions relating to Wonderworks Media Limited (WML) because the party had been informed that it was hiring labour to the Town Planning Department. WML is owned by Community Services and Supplies Limited, the company which is involved in (i) the Victoria Stadium; (ii) Coaling Island temporary housing; (iii) Laguna pensioners’ flats; (iv) Eastern beach promenade; and (v) the Rooke residential home projects. The directors of WML are civil servants.

In answer to questions Sir Joe Bossano stated that labour was not being hired from CSSL, although no reference was made to WML, despite the question specifically referring to this company. Mr Picardo had said he did not have information as to the precise company but had referred to using the private sector on matters relating to building control and preparation of projects for the DPC. What Sir Joe Bossano did reveal is that the Government “may give them (CSSL) work to do, with their labour”. This statement is potentially misleading and ambiguous at best.

It has now come to the attention of the party that employees of WML and/or CSSL are carrying out clerking jobs not only at the Town Planning Department but also in the Social Security Department.

“The Government is therefore asked to clarify what work is being done by CSSL or WML such that their employees are being allowed access to Government departments and further confirm whether these individuals are doing clerical jobs in government departments. If true, the effect is that the Government is filling civil servant posts in a way which is unacceptable.” said Damon Bossino of the GSD Opposition.