Government’s Comments on SNAG Beyond the Pale!

By 6th September 2022 No Comments

Government’s reaction to SNAG is beyond the pale The GSD is disappointed, although, sadly, not surprised, by the government’s exchange of press releases with SNAG.

What the public has been treated to is the usual GSLP/Liberal’s aggressive reaction to legitimate criticism.

Once again, the government resorts to below-the-belt mudslinging, in an attempt to distract attention from their shambolic organisation of the start of the school year.

The electorate is tiring of this and fast. The government needs to properly deal with the substantive and genuine points raised by SNAG and not resort to attacking Mrs Sanchez because she was openly and democratically elected by GSD members to form part of its executive committee.

What does that have to do with the concerns raised by the group, whose entire committee of 9 members would have approved the statements? The answer is nothing, other than it exposes a crude attempt at discreditation by the governing parties.

To suggest that individuals with special needs themselves, or with children with such needs, would allow themselves to be used in furtherance of party political interests is disgraceful and goes beyond the pale and the government should withdraw that statement. Such display is not good and is hardly conducive to normal interaction between interest groups and government in a democratic society at ease with itself.

Instead of acknowledging and apologising for the deficiencies experienced in relation to the three issues raised by the group – namely (1) an astounding failure to communicate school start dates; (2) keeping SNLAs at St Martin’s; and (3) providing morning sessions for Early Birds nursery, they serve the public with nothing other than an emotive and woolly non-response. “Let us not forget that the fundamental criticism levelled is one of failure to properly announce what is going to happen in all the areas identified.

That is what needs to be recognised and addressed so that there is no further repeat of this next year. Many of these special needs children require advance planning and routine – with part of that process entailing showing images of who their teachers and aides are going to be for those who are unable to communicate verbally. Anything less than that simply gives rise to anxiety to the child and the family. This does not cost money. All it requires is better planning which the GSD commits itself to do if returned to government.” said Damon Bossino.