Government is Living in a Fantasy Regarding Roads

Government’s response to GSD criticism on the condition of our roads is completely fantastic. They are clutching at straws in the hope that people will believe their rhetoric rather than their own eyes and experiences. It highlights the arrogance of the current administration and how it continues to try to fool the electorate, even when the contrary evidence is overwhelming.

Trevor Hammond, GSD Transport spokesman said “Firstly the Government say that they have a rolling programme of works and that they have spent millions repairing our roads, that is meaningless in the face of the condition of so many of our roads which are falling apart. Then the Government goes on to blame motorists, cross frontier traffic and lorries, many associated with development. Of course, with this Government it always has to be someone else’s fault. The 7000 vehicles that cross into Gibraltar every day are important to our economy, they generate income to Government and yet Government refuses to consider solution like more parking at the frontier and the implementation of park and ride scheme. Heavy lorries are required for development and Government drives the agenda that has turned our community into a building site, the buck stops with them.

“Many pavements are in equally poor condition, is it that we have to many people walking on our street to, or is it simply that the Government is not doing its job.

“There are no excuses, there is no one else to blame, the Government has not done its job with respect to our roads. Investment and maintenance is totally inadequate and people are as fed up of potholes and crumbling surface as they are of the tired mantra that it is someone else’s fault.