Govt Must Ensure Safe & Efficient Return of the Mortuary Service Post Covid

By 28th July 2022 No Comments

The GSD have received reports by concerned citizens regarding the failure to reopen and therefore re-establish the Mortuary service at the Hospital. The GSD calls on the Government to issue a statement explaining in detail, the circumstances surrounding what now appears to be a permanent closure of this important service to the public.

It is understood that those families wishing to spend time with their loved ones before the funeral, currently have to visit their deceased relatives in hospital fridges. It cannot be right for grieving families not to have access to an area which is respectful of their loss and their faith.

Shadow Minister for Health, Elliott Phillips MP said:

“The Mortuary has always been a respectful place where loved ones can sensitively and with space grieve and mourn the passing of their loved ones.

We as a community have always prided ourselves on providing a sensitive and compassionate environment for family members and friends to mourn. We all understand the demands placed on the GHA service during Covid, but we must ensure a safe and efficient return of this service so that families and friends can bid farewell to their loved ones in a dignified and respectful environment”