Fishing Response

The Minister for the Environment should hang his head in shame at the response the Government have offered to the accusation that they have failed to deliver on their commitments regarding fishing in our waters said the GSD today.

Environment spokesman Trevor Hammond said “I did not expect the Minister to accept the reality that despite his personal promise to stop illegal fishing in our waters on being elected to Government, the activity continues unabated on a daily basis. The millions he has spent on marine assets to police this have made no difference except to restrict the activity of local fishermen, some of whose families have fished for generations, and has been a complete waste of money.

There is one law for locals and one law for Spanish fishermen, an outcome which is completely unfair and not what people expected when the Minister made his promise. His promise of ‘aqui no se pesca’ has proven to be entirely hollow with illegal Spanish fishing taking place with impunity on a daily basis while law abiding locals are subjected to regular permit checks