GSD Executive Elections 2024

Under the GSD Constitution elections to its Executive are due in 2024. The first round of 8 elected places from among current members of the Executive was held on 11 March 2024. The second round of elections in which a further 8 places are available for election will be held to coincide with the Party’s AGM on 30 May 2024.

Yesterday the GSD Executive agreed the rules and deadlines for the Round 2 Elections. The election to these further 8 places is open to Party Members as well as those members of the Executive who were unsuccessful in Round 1 and wish to offer themselves for candidature in Round 2.

Edwin Reyes MP has been appointed to oversee the electoral process. In coming days Party Members will be receiving a communication setting out the nomination process and the elections deadlines.

The nomination deadline will be Monday 6 May 2024 at 2pm. Nominations will need to be submitted on the relevant form and supported by the
requisite number of signatures of Executive and Party Members.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “I very much look forward to the conclusion of the 2024 Executive Elections process.

With a refreshed Executive we will then take further steps to continue to grow the Party’s support so we can deliver the changes that are so badly needed in Gibraltar. We made huge progress at the last election coming within a wafer of success. Everything that has happened over the last few months from financial governance to democratic governance has in many people’s minds further demonstrated why change is so necessary.”

Edwin Reyes said: “Under our Party Constitution elections to the Executive are held every two years. This provides an opportunity for regeneration and strengthening of the Executive. It also allows members who have been contributing at different levels of the Party an opportunity to offer themselves to make a more senior contribution in the Party and can also be a stepping-stone for candidature. Two of the Party members – Atrish Sanchez and Giovanni Origo – who were elected in the 2022 intake, for example, have gone on to become GSD MPs.