GSD Executive Elections 2024 Round 2 takes place on 30 May

16 candidates will contest the 8 available places in the second round of the GSD Executive elections.

The voting will primarily take place at the Party’s AGM on Thursday 30 May 2024 at John Mackintosh Hall. Party Members are being written to with the details on the voting process and information on the candidates.

The candidates are: Sean Ballester, John Calderon, Joseph Capurro, Julian Celecia, Matvey Celecia, Kim Karnani, Nuhaila Mkerref, Yusef Moudden, Darren Olivero, Jeremy Perez, Brian Richardson, Magelle Segovia, Noah Segui, Willie Serfaty, Matthew Turnock and Eddie Wood.

Ahead of the vote Party Members will have a chance to “Meet the Candidates” at an event being held at Party HQ in College Lane this Saturday 18 May between 11am-130pm. All members are welcome to drop by and meet as many candidates as they wish and receive information as to these.

Those 8 candidates that are successful on 30 May will join the other 8 members elected in Round 1 in March 2024, the 8 GSD MPs and a small number of life and co-opted members on the Party’s 30-strong Executive.

Edwin Reyes MP is overseeing the electoral process which under GSD rules takes place every two years.
GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi said: “The conclusion of this process of internal democracy will then allow us to go forward together and conduct the work necessary over the next couple of years to keep pushing our campaign for change. In all and over the two rounds there have been 30 candidates for 16 elected places on the Executive. The level of interest and competition is testament to how vibrant the GSD is today.

Beyond this immediate contest a number of current members of the Executive have for a variety of personal reasons also decided not to contest the Executive elections on this occasion and will stand down on 30 May. We are very grateful for their service and support. Being in politics is hard and Gibraltar needs dedicated individuals prepared to work tirelessly behind the scenes at so many levels of political parties.”