Employment Tribunal Delays Unacceptable

By 27th October 2022 No Comments


Many cases lie paralysed at the Employment Tribunal without progress. This affects the rights of due process of sacked employees. The Government have confirmed that there are no less than 59 cases awaiting the appointment of a Chairperson at the Employment Tribunal. In some cases people who have been dismissed have been waiting for more than a year or two simply for their cases to progress. This is completely unacceptable.

These 59 appointments still to be made are in respect of applications filed at the Tribunal as follows: 9 cases since 2020, 27 cases since 2021 and up to date 23 cases filed in 2022.

Opposition Spokesman for Employment, Edwin Reyes, added:
“The unacceptable delays in appointing a Chairperson in order to deal with applications lodged at the Employment Tribunal is a total failure in our Justice system and equally affects both Employers and Employees. People’s rights are being affected by these delays.

The huge delays in appointing Tribunal Chairpersons should not be tolerated any more. There is no justifiable reason why some persons have been waiting for over two years for their applications to proceed since they were filed.”

The GSD remains committed to its 2019 Election Manifesto pledge whereby “a Courts and Tribunals Service will be established incorporating the Current Court Service and absorbing the Employment Tribunal and other Tribunals. This will ensure streamlined processes and easier administration for cases.”