Edwin Reyes MP  Questions for December Parliament Session


Parliament is scheduled to meet on Wednesday 21st December 2022 @ 3.00pm
  1. Can Government provide details of how many Learning Support Assistants are engaged in all schools, providing statistics showing their distribution among schools, together with details of criteria used for allocating these Learning Support Assistants in each school
  2. Can Government provide a detailed breakdown of all expenditure associated with the delivery of the BTEC Level National Extended Certificate in Music, Technical Certificate in Hairdressing and any other courses being partly or wholly delivered at sites other than our Secondary Schools or College of Further Education, showing to whom payments are made and in respect of what specific services or other costs?
  3. Can Government update this House in respect of the selection process for the vacant post of Construction Training Centre Manager


  1. Can Government provide details of the time-table allocations for all the swimming pools falling under the auspices of the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority?
  2. Can Government provide a breakdown for the last three academic years showing the number of teachers who have accessed the services provided by the Wellbeing Support Team, indicating the school sector in which these teachers are/were employed?
  3. Is the Department of Education planning to offer courses in Drama related studies other than the traditional GCSE or “A” Level courses which have been provided in our Secondary Schools?


  1. Can Government provide statistics showing the number of students ordinarily enrolled in our mainstream schools for whom “Alternative Learning” programmes have been provided, indicating the reasons why?


  1. Can Government update this House in respect of their intentions to provide “Hot Meals” for pupils in schools?


  1. Can Government provide an update of works undertaken and costs incurred so far in this Financial Year in respect of the approved £50,000 expenditure under the Improvement and Development Fund; Head 102 – Projects, Sub-Head 4(k): Governor’s Lookout Scout Activity Centre and Campsite?



  1. Can the Minister for Sport provide an update of fixed bookings and/or allocations made to sporting bodies and other entities in respect of all facilities managed or administered by the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority for the 2022/23 season, showing where applicable payments to be made for these?



  1. Will the Department of Education be accepting and considering applications for discretionary funding towards the recently announced course being offered by the University of Gibraltar, with lectures to be delivered in February and March 2023, leading to a “Professional Certificate of Competence in Blockchain and Smart Contracts”?