GSLP Desperate Lies on Pathology

The GSLP is now resorting to total fiction in its desperate attempt to defend itself from the criticisms the Principal Auditor made of £4.5 Million spent on pathology stock during the last financial year.

Yesterday they accused the GSD of suggesting that the £4.5M referred to stock purchased during the COVID pandemic and falsely added that the GSD had “confirmed” it would conduct cuts of pathology services. All that is built on lies which can be seen by reading the report itself and the GSD comments.

First the Principal Auditor specifically said that the £4.5M of spending that he had criticized on value for money grounds was not a COVID related expense. He said specifically: “…in the financial year 2022-23, the Pathology Department spent a total of £4.5M (this sum does not include purchases of items separately financed by the Covid-19 Special Fund)” (4.3.63). It is obvious therefore that the Principal Auditor was specifically referring to non-COVID costs.

Secondly this was spending in 22/23 – the last financial year – and two years after the worst parts of COVID. How is it even credible for Mr Picardo to suggest that this was COVID related?

Thirdly the GHA plainly didn’t think the Principal Auditor was wrong. It is clear from the Report that the Director General of the GHA himself acknowledged the concerns and commenced an investigation. The Principal Auditor in his Report stated: “The Director General also wrote to me, on 8 September 2023, expressing his deep concern with the audit findings on the Pathology Department. He confirmed that he would be working with members of his team in addressing all of the issues raised in the audit inspection and ensuring that these issues are being considered by all the Directors across the GHA.” [4.3.69].

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said: “All this can be checked by anyone who wants to read pages 280-281 of the Principal Auditor’s report. What is truly incredible is that we should have a Government and Chief Minister who is prepared to manipulate the truth in this way. People will be increasingly angered by a Government that is behaving in this way.

This is the problem with the GSLP. They have nothing left except scare-mongering tactics or lies. As they are unable or unwilling to deliver value for money they falsely say that anyone seeking to deliver controls and an end to waste and abuse will cut key services. The GSD believe that we can have quality public services, value for money and an end to waste and abuse. Cutting down on waste and delivering value to tax-payers can provide savings that can be re-invested in other services. That is why key financial controls are necessary. It is obvious from everything the GSLP/Libs are saying that they will not or cannot deliver that.”