Damon Bossino MP  Questions for November Parliament Session

Parliament is scheduled to meet on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 @ 3.00pm


Please provide details of the Government’s policy with regard to eligibility for pensioner flats.

Please state how the provision of tours and tour guides are regulated.

Please state who the new residential building at the site of the Laguna Youth Club is expected to house.

Does the Government have enough housing stock to meet the needs of all applicants on the housing waiting list?

Please provide the following details relating to the recent visit to the World Travel Market:

(i) Who comprised the Government’s delegation;

(ii) The total cost of the trip broken down into air travel costs,

lodgings and entertainment;

(iii) Who the Minister or any member of the delegation met at

each event;

(v) What new business has been secured as a result of the trip; and

(vi) The duration of the trip?

Please state who it is intended to re-house in the Coaling Island temporary housing development.

Please state which ‘neighbourhoods’ are subject to alteration and demolition and which ‘urban remodelling’ is being envisaged as stated in the planning statement filed in connection with the Coaling Island temporary housing development

Please state what is being built on the neighbourhoods ear-marked for ‘alteration and demolition’ as scantily outlined in the planning statement filed in connection with the Coaling Island temporary housing development.

Please state what plans the Government has to build further developments using module blocks.

Where are the current occupiers of the Coaling Island site going to be moved to make way for the Coaling Island temporary housing development.

What planning and aesthetics considerations have been taken account of in respect of the Coaling Island temporary housing development which will be very close to a site which the government has earmarked for high- end residential living, namely Victoria Keys?

How many units in the Hassans Centenary, Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views developments remain unallocated and why is this the case, considering the continuing and high demand for housing?

What further updates can the Government provide in connection with the maintenance checks being carried out to the airport radar as reported by GBC

What assurances has the Government obtained from the MOD in connection with flight interruptions owing to radar maintenance works

Further to the replies given by the Minister for Housing with regard to the refurbishment of Chilton Court, please provide a detailed commitment as to when the refurbishment programme is to start and what it will entail.

Please state how the Government intends to meet the demands for supported independent living for those living with dementia, mental health issues and special needs.

What, specifically, is the Minister for Tourism doing to secure tourism and business opportunities with Morocco?

What further engagement has the Minister for Tourism had with Eastern Airways?

Are there any further developments with regard to Wizz Air?

How much has the Government spent on the refurbishment works in respect of the Northern Defences since 2014?

How many visitors have there been to the Northern Defences since the government started its refurbishment?

When will the Government employ the full complement of staff at the Town Planning department, to include the Town Planner?

Did the Chief Minister, Ministers, or any public servant give instructions for the cleaning of the housing estates ahead of the Chief Minister’s recent visits?

Please provide an update as to when the refurbishment works to the Parliament building will commence and what the cost will be.

Does the Gov support the application for the Sea Breeze floating hotel filed with the DPC?

Please provide the cleaning schedule for communal areas in Government estates

Is the Government considering increasing the selling price to purchasers of Bob Peliza Mews and/or Chatham Views from that originally advertised

Why have prospective purchasers of Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views not yet signed any purchase agreements given they were allocated homes some years ago?

How many people of those initially allocated homes at Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views have now requested to discontinue with their purchase

Who monitors the security cameras installed in housing estates to ensure that anti-social behaviour is dealt with?

Does the Government have any plans to deal with parking spaces which lay unoccupied in the Mid-Harbours estate?