Damon Bossino MP  Questions for December Parliament Session

Parliament is scheduled to meet on Wednesday 21st December 2022 @ 3.00pm

  1. Please state how many units will be released to the Government rental housing stock broken down to the number of rooms when the affordable flats become available to tenants.


  1. Why does the Minister for Housing not reply to letters sent to him by the Chilton Court Committee?


  1. What update can the Government provide in connection with the expected disruption in flights from the UK due to industrial action in the UK over the Christmas period?


  1. How many new pupils are expected to be enrolled into St Martin’s school in academic year 2023/2024 broken down into ages?What was the cost of the recent aviation conference held in Gibraltar to include the amount that the Government paid in respect of it, broken down into the following headings:



entertainment; and use of conference facilities.

  1. Who, precisely, is the Minister for Tourism meeting when he refers to the “wider Wizz team”, when is he meeting with them and when does he expect to welcome the airline back to Gibraltar?
  2. Please provide the total number of museum visitors by year and month since the last time this information was updated on 11th December 2019 in table T.3 of the online Government statistics.
  3. Where and when will the workers’ hostel be constructed and by which company?


  1. When will the Housing Ministry publish the promised booklet setting out the policies regarding Government rented flats and what will it contain?


  1. When does the Government intend to refurbish the toilets at the Coach park?



  1. The pedestrian entry via the frontier remains in a deplorable state, how long will it take the Government to fix this embarrassing eyesore once and for all?


  1. Why was the time for the submission of expressions of interest in respect of Rosia Bay so short?


  1. What work does Community Services and Supplies Limited do for the Government?




  1. Are employees of Wonderworks Media Limited working in Government departments and if so how many, in which departments, the duration of their employment contracts and why are they working there?


  1. Are employees of Wonderworks Media Limited working in Government departments and if so how many, in which departments, the duration of their employment contracts and why are they working there?


  1. How does the Government propose to deal with the on-going issue of motorbikes which illegally park at the Mid-Harbours estate parking?


  1. When will Government fix the significant issue faced by users of the Mid Harbours garage regarding water penetration?


  1. When will Government, as a matter of urgency, refurbish the Cruise Liner terminal and surrounding area?


  1. Who is funding the proposed development at the Chilton Court Youth Club?


  1. Is the development of the Chilton Court Youth Club exclusively for residents of Chilton Court and if not who will be able to access and use its facilities


  1. Who is developing the new parking facility at North Mole Road?


  1. For whose use is the new parking facility at North Mole Road been constructed?


  1. What amounts have been received since the introduction of the overnight stay tax of £3 per person, since the measure was introduced


  1. What is causing the delay regarding the review of the Housing Act?
  2. What measures are in place for passengers on flight diversions to Malaga to be able to cross the frontier to catch flights there and leave the aircraft to return to Gibraltar?When will the Government upkeep and clean the entry point into the City centre, namely Landport Tunnel?
  3. Why has the Government not already negotiated the construction prices for Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham ViewsWhich company is employing clerks at the GHA?
  4. When was the construction costs agreed in respect of Hassans Centenary broken down in respect of each phase?
  5. Please provide an update as to when the Government expects to publish its National Disability Strategy?


  1. Does the Government have any plans for the area of the old airport terminal and if so, what are they?
  2. Does the Government have any plans to refurbish Arengo’s Palace?
  3. Please list which events (to include music concerts) the Government or its agencies is planning to hold, sponsor and/or promote during the course of 2023.


  1. Please state whether the plans and designs for Chatham Views have been changed in order to accommodate current residents of the old Westside school.