Edwin Reyes

The GSD hopes the many rumours circulating that sporting facilities for use in the 2019 Gibraltar Island Games will not be ready on time are unfounded.

Moreover, the GSD trusts that all facilities will be completed in good time to enable local athletes to train on them and become acquainted with the new venues. This is an advantage that the host nation usually enjoys and should not be lost as added benefits for our own participants. It would be a great shame when the Government has had so much time to get these facilities ready and the works are being done at such high cost if these are not ready, athletes cannot prepare properly in the immediate run up to the games and taxpayers’ monies are wasted.

With a month to go for the Games, Edwin Reyes – Shadow Minister for Sports, encourages all participating athletes, in the huge variety of sports, to do their best and most importantly to enjoy these Games and be great ambassadors for Gibraltar as always.