Government fails to provide answers on Coaling Island Scheme

By 17th November 2022 No Comments

Government fails to provide answers on Coaling Island Scheme


The Government has not answered the GSD’s many questions raised last week in relation to the Coaling Island temporary housing project. The Government claims that they have no ‘direct’ involvement with, and are not clear who, the temporary housing is meant to target. How can this be when this must clearly be a Government supported project?


Quite apart from other issues of detail, the basic fact is that the town planning application has been signed by a public servant! In any event, which totally arms-length company would be able to say that the purpose behind the project is to ‘temporarily’ re-house populations from ‘neighbourhoods subject to alteration and demolition’ without tacit government support and promotion?

“The Government should stop avoiding answering legitimate questions raised by the GSD Opposition. They are there to serve the public and not to arrogantly side-step the many questions which the public deserve to have answers to.” said Damon Bossino, the shadow Minister for Housing and Planning.

Further questions are now also being asked about the application notified yesterday for a new residential block at the Laguna Youth Club by the same company making the application for Coaling Island.

Needless to say, the GSD has filed a wide-ranging list of questions for next week’s Parliament meeting on this issue which it hopes the Government will answer.