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 The idea that the GSD have played into the hands of the opponents of Gibraltar on the Gertler issue is
The GSD did not bring the issue up. It reacted to an investigative story of GBC and their probing of the
Chief Minister on the Direct Democracy programme. GBC itself did not bring up the issue either.
The interest of certain international authorities in Dan Gertler is well known and been around for some time.
All that the GSD asked is for the Chief Minister to make a statement in Parliament about his role as a
Director and his work for Mr Gertler. This is a legitimate question in the public interest. His intemperate
reaction is strange given he appeared quite willing to discuss his role in relation to work on a uranium
mine on GBC during the TV programme. The Chief Minister cannot seriously expect the Parliamentary Opposition
not to comment when matters such as this hit the press.
In the interests of clarity and given the attempt by Mr Picardo to erect a smokescreen the GSD confirms that Mr Azopardi has never
represented or acted for Mr Gertler or any of his companies or trusts.