Government record breaking U turn on pollution levy

The Chief Minister in what must be a record breaking U-turn has completely retracted his pollution levy budget measure which he now says is to be reviewed by the Minister for Transport and opened to ‘consultation’. This U turn record breaks the previous backtracking on the company levy he introduced in a recent budget or the pedestrianisation of Line Wall Road.

The pollution levy was bad policy and it was obvious on any interpretation of it. People were therefore absolutely right to immediately react negatively to a measure which was bad for working people, especially those on low incomes.

Damon Bossino said “This begs the glaringly pertinent question: how can a government have once again failed to think through a revenue raising measure before announcing it? The public will justifiably ask itself the question as to how such a measure could have had the support of the entire, supposedly socialist government, which had no regard to its effect on ordinary citizens particularly those on low incomes, young people and the elderly.”

The Chief Minister is out of touch with reality as is the entire government. For a man to refer, in support of the policy on GBC following his budget speech that he had bought himself a Porsche in order to lift his spirits speaks to this in a very pointed way and will not be forgotten or lost on people.

It is important to note that the Government has not wholly abandoned the policy and has kicked it into the long grass subjecting it to ‘consultation’.

The GSD Opposition will press the government for answers.