Bus dispute needs to be resolved


The GSD calls on the parties to the dispute regarding the bus service to resume talks as a matter of urgency. The bus service is a hugely important mode of transport which is relied upon by many of different ages, not least the elderly and school children.

The GSD is not informed of all the detail surrounding the dispute other than information that has been given to it confidentially and is otherwise in the public domain. The focus here has to be to ensure that the bus service is resumed as a matter of priority and that the drivers can get back to their lives based on fairness to them and to the taxpayer as well as ultimately, they are the ones who pay these salaries.

“What is unacceptable is for the Chief Minister to treat employees of the bus company in the way he did, as recorded by public television in which he stated emphatically that he would not speak to one of them. This undignified behaviour needs to stop, temperatures brought down a few notches and dialogue re-opened for the sake of all parties and the public.” said Damon Bossino.