In December 2018, the GSD carried out an anonymous survey aimed at public health sector employees. The survey, which attracted 203 respondents, has revealed a staggering 62% have felt bullied, intimidated or harassed at work, with 66% expressing low morale.

The figure, although worrying is not surprising, given last week, in answer to Parliamentary Questions, the Government revealed a total 24 cases of bullying have been formally reported since 2012, a third of which are reported to have occurred within the GHA.

Shadow Minister for Health and Care Lawrence Llamas MP said today “Bullying and low morale has been rumoured to be rife in Gibraltar. The survey has proved a worthwhile exercise as those rumours can at least now be substantiated some sort of evidence as to what is in fact happening within workplaces and no doubt our schools too.
The fact that the RGP and Customs workforce have also come out vocalising their discontent regarding the unacceptable behaviour is worrying and we must work to eradicate bullying which is having a detrimental effect on the mental wellbeing of employees across the sectors.

We will be presenting policies which will clearly separate the roles and responsibilities of public servants and ministers. We must open formal and secure channels of communication, by doing so we will ensure public servants and ministers are equally accountable within their respective responsibilities.
It is crucial we provide positively charged workplace, this in turn will reflect itself in a happier workforce, thus satisfied service users too”