Whether Government’s approach to the BREXIT challenge has worked will be judged by whether agreements are reached with the EU and Spain applying to Gibraltar, in what form they are concluded and on their content.

The GSD’s long-standing position is that Gibraltar should benefit from any good withdrawal agreement or any permanent arrangements with the EU.

An agreement with the EU will be reached by the UK on Gibraltar’s behalf. To the extent that there are agreements to be reached with Spain to secure benefits for Gibraltar any agreement should be trilateral. If a bilateral UK-Spain deal is reached over Gibraltar it will have been an abandonment of the hard won gains of recognition of our separate identity obtained by the GSD in the trilateral process.

What those agreements contain is also crucial. The GSD has not had sight of any documents being negotiated and has not been involved in the negotiations so for the moment we must suspend our judgment on these discussions. Any agreement with Spain as a party would have to be trilateral and safe for Gibraltar. There can be no concessions on sovereignty, jurisdiction and control or that affect our economic sustainability.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “As we have repeatedly indicated we have given the Government political space to handle the matter the way they have wanted to and offered our assistance which has not been accepted. When and if agreements are reached we will make our judgment known as to whether the agreements reached are good for Gibraltar.”