The GSD welcomes the vote in the UK Parliament last night that it will move to consider a number of indicative votes in coming days to seek to achieve a consensus view to unblock the BREXIT impasse.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said:

“This now paves the way for the House of Commons to consider options beyond simply voting on the flawed Withdrawal Agreement. We very much hope that an option emerges that protects Gibraltar’s fundamentalinterests. The single-track approach of the UK Government of doggedly pursuing a future that ditches freedom of movement and single market access does not work for Gibraltar’s long-term interests.

To break the current political deadlock we would be best served by a revocation of Article 50 or an agreement to hold a second referendum with the options being the acceptance of the Withdrawal Agreement or remaining in the EU. We need to do what we can towards that outcome and we recommend that everyone in Gibraltar signs the revoke Article 50 petition at which presently already stands at 5.7M.

As a community we need to speak loudly on this issue and this is a good way to do so. There is still time to avoid the BREXIT cliff edge.”