Hard as he might try to distract the public from his own ineffective handling of the Brexit negotiations, it is
now increasingly clear that Mr Picardo cannot answer the criticisms that he has misled the people of
Gibraltar about the effect of the Withdrawal Agreement and made serious tactical errors in the negotiations.
We cannot help thinking these concessions or errors would not have been made by the spiritual leader of
the GSLP – Sir Joe Bossano.

Mr Picardo has given up our biggest bargaining chip [that Spain wanted to protect its frontier workers] for
nothing enduring on the most important aspect to Gibraltar – freedom of movement at the border. He has
allowed Spain a say in our affairs and he has twisted the truth about the effect of the deal. In that process
he has got so close to Mrs May as to be indistinguishable from her. In doing so he is jeopardising Gibraltar’s
position at a time that the prospect of a People’s Vote (which is our best chance to avoid the effects of
Brexit) is gathering momentum. There are now increasing reports of support for a second vote and that a
majority of people in the UK would back a remain vote. It is a denial of democracy not to allow the people
to express a view on whether they would wish to accept the current agreement or instead remain.

At the
time of the 2016 Referendum no one could anticipate what would actually be put on the table as the proposal
to leave and for the future. If the respect of democracy is to be at the heart of how this issue is taken forward
there needs to be respect of the large majorities in Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain.
Mr Picardo is doing nothing to assist our cause by being Mrs May’s poodle. No amount of ridiculous
assertions that seek to drive a wedge between different members of the Opposition will work. The GSD are
united in their opposition to Mr Picardo’s bad deal. He needs to stop hiding behind civil servants who follow
his instructions in the negotiations. This is his deal. He owns it and is responsible for it.

When he gets off his arrogant high horse, Mr Picardo should deal with the substance of the criticisms raised
by the Opposition. For example where is the agreement on tax he is going to sign with Spain? The finance
and business sector want to know what he is prepared to agree. This needs to be published before the UK
Parliament vote on the deal. He cannot continue to hide the text of his tax agreement from the people.