Appointment of Finance Director for Care Agency/Finance and Procurement Advisor to the Ministry of Health and Business raises serious concerns.

The appointment of a Finance Director for the Care Agency, concurrently serving as the Finance and Procurement Advisor to the Ministry of Health and Business, raises serious concerns within our community regarding transparency and fair recruitment practices. That person is being remunerated separately for two jobs.

Shockingly, it has been revealed that neither of these positions have been publicly advertised or made accessible to our community for fair consideration. While the qualifications of the individual in question are not in doubt, transparency remains an essential cornerstone of public trust and accountability.

The Minister Gemma Arias-Vasquez has confirmed that, to her knowledge, neither of these vacancies has ever been advertised. The appointment for the Finance Director post took place in November 2023 and neither of these roles has undergone a transparent recruitment process.

The compensation package is generous and the details of total remuneration and allowances are as follows:
* Finance and Procurement Advisor: £82,763 per annum
* Finance Director, Care Agency: £79,237 per annum

* Total remuneration without any advertised vacancy: £162,000
* Additionally, a one-off tax-exempt accommodation allowance of £8,500 has been granted.

Shadow Minister for Care and Opportunity, Atrish Sanchez said: “Without a transparent and open recruitment process, it is difficult to ascertain the criteria used for selection and whether the taxpayer is achieving value for money for a person to receive two big separate salaries. If a recruitment process were to have been carried out the Government may have indeed found that there were other successful local applicants who met the job specifications and an accommodation allowance might not have been needed as part of the renumeration package. As it stands, the public is unaware of what criteria has been used to select this particular individual for these positions.”