Confirmation needed on availability of anti-virals for elderly, remaining restrictions

By 24th February 2022 No Comments
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As the UK appears set to remove all remaining restrictions, it does so safe in the knowledge that it has procured a significant number of anti-virals and therapeutics which have shown to be able to dramatically reduce the prospect of severe infection which results in hospitalisation and death of the vulnerable and the elderly.

Several anti-virals, examples of the which include Ronapreve and Paxlovid, were cleared for use during the middle of last year and have clearly demonstrated that they can reduce hospitalisation or death by between 70% to 90%.

Shadow Minister for Health, Elliott Phillips MP said:

“As we come to terms with living side by side with virus, we must also recognise that we have a continuing obligation to protect our elderly and vulnerable. Anti-virals offer an even greater level of protection to the vulnerable and dramatically reducing the wider impact on the community and our economy. The inability of the Government to allow the GSD the opportunity to probe the Government in Parliament means that we must ask time critical questions through press statements. Therefore, can the Government confirm that it has procured enough anti-virals and therapeutics now that we are in the endemic stage of the virus?”

Mr Phillips added:

“The Opposition has stated previously that whilst the situation is dynamic our position in 2022 should now be approached differently and we repeat our call to the Government to set out in detail when and under what circumstances the remaining restrictions will be lifted or significantly relaxed”