GHA Ambulance Fleet in Critical Condition

The GSD have been informed on numerous occasions over the past year that the GHA’s ambulances are frequently in a state of disrepair, this subject has repeatedly been broached by former Shadow Minister for Health, Elliott Phillips. Concerns have once again been raised over the issues which continue to plague the GHA’s ambulance fleet, and which are having an increasingly alarming impact on the safety and wellbeing of patients, as well as compromising the safety of the ambulance crew and clinicians treating those patients.

Reports have been received that on Saturday 21st October a GHA transport ambulance, which was transporting a critical patient to Xanit for an emergency procedure broke down on the way. Due to the fault with the transport ambulance, the patient had to be transported back to Gibraltar, where they were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at St. Bernard’s Hospital, which cannot carry out the procedure that was needed.

The GSD call on the Government to address the glaring problems affecting the GHA’s ambulance fleet on an urgent basis.

Shadow Minister for Health Joelle Ladislaus MP said:

“The current state of the ambulance fleet is wholly unsatisfactory and it is clear that, at least some, of those crucial emergency vehicles are not roadworthy nor fit for purpose in their current state. The condition of the ambulance fleet cannot be permitted to interfere with the care afforded to members of our community, as has recently occurred. Last week our hard-working paramedics and clinicians were faced with a life-or-death scenario in which they were rendered powerless to assist their patient. A situation like this cannot be allowed to happen again and immediate action must be taken to ensure that our ambulance fleet is updated and maintained to a high standard.”