Ambulances Denied Entry into Spain

By 4th March 2022 No Comments

The GSD are shocked and deeply concerned by the news being received that Gibraltar Ambulances and Paramedics carrying members of our community for scheduled appointments or for emergency medical intervention in Spain, are being denied access or experiencing significant difficulties with border controls at the land frontier crossing.

Shadow Health Minister Elliott Phillips MP said:

“Either it is an example of poor planning at best or sheer incompetence at worst that the Government has not been able to make provision for sick and vulnerable people requiring medical treatment in Spain. Brexit has challenged us all, but it cannot be right that the transit of our patients for medical services and treatment has been prevented or delayed by red tape at the border.  We ask why the Government has not foreseen this or put in place contingencies in place to minimise the impact on patients.

We call on the Government to issue an immediate statement reassuring the public that no patient transiting across the border by ambulance for medical treatment in Spain will be refused entry or experience delay. The Government must do all it can to take the matter up with its Spanish counterparts immediately to resolve the problem”