The recent disruption at Gibraltar airport gives rise to further cause for concern, especially following a spate of incidents which call into question its resilience.Whether it is staff related issues which has on more than one occasion caused flight diversions, flight changes caused by bad weather and the ensuing disruption to non-Schengen passengers to now a telephone line fault, the concern is that Gibraltar’s ability to function a normal airport is being put into question.There will be many different strands to this, not least the fact that this is an MOD airport but the reality is that transport and communication are basic ingredients for a successful economy and everything must be done to ensure that we have the resilience to meet as many of these challenges as possible, so that one of our economic lifelines is not continually put into jeopardy.“None of this is welcome, particularly in the wake of the COVID lockdown or weeks after the aviation conference held in Gibraltar. One area which Gibraltar should surely be able to easily address is the information which is given to passengers of flight delays and disruption. There have been complaints that passengers have been kept in the dark for many hours and this is unacceptable. We see no reason why this information cannot be given in a timely manner.” said Damon Bossino for the GSD.