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A number of recent court cases have highlighted deficiencies in administration or care services
that need to be addressed. These cases illustrate failures in different areas to the detriment of
the taxpayer and members of our community at large.

In one particular case of a claim for damages filed by a GHA doctor a judgment in default has
been obtained in circumstances where there have been reported procedural failings by the
Defendant which will result in cost to the taxpayer. There are questions to be addressed as to
how claims are handled and defended by public bodies and how the process should be

In July this year, it was reported how the transfer of a former Community Service Officer in
June 2017 led to a 13 month period during which there was a vacant post resulting in a backlog
of community service work. This highlights a need for better succession and recruitment

There are other significant succession planning issues in mental health services. Over the
past few months, the psychiatric pool of doctors has dwindled resulting in just two locums
overseeing all the workload in Gibraltar. This has also led to the delays in cases. Not recruiting
permanent post-holders can and is affecting the vital continuity of care service to our

Lessons need to be learned from all these cases to ensure better social, clinical and
administrative support in care services – be it in mental health, social services or in claims
handling. Otherwise a poor service is given to the public with the taxpayer having to foot the
bill of any deficiencies that are identified. Efficient handling of claims can save money that can
then be reinvested into public services