Abandon Inquiries Bill Now

The Government should abandon any attempt to pass the Inquiries Bill through Parliament before the McGrail Inquiry concludes its work.

Even though the Government had been expected to take the Inquiries Bill last Friday it did not do so and adjourned Parliament to this coming Friday 22 March 2024.

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said:

“We are still in time. Seeking to force this Bill through Parliament now and apply it to the McGrail inquiry should be abandoned. The Chief Minister, Government and Office of the Governor are all deeply conflicted here. There should be no step taken that looks as if any of those deeply conflicted parties are seeking to affect the Inquiry process.

We call on the Chief Minister to confirm that he will not take this Bill before the conclusion of the McGrail Inquiry. The Government should accept that the attempt to extend this Bill to the McGrail Inquiry was a massive mistake and error of judgment which it has time to walk away from now.”