GSD Leader

Keith Azopardi served in the first two GSD administrations led by Sir Peter Caruana, first as Minister for the Environment & Health [1996-2000] and then as Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Trade, Industry & Telecommunications where he also held the financial services portfolio [2000-2003]. In Government he is most proud of his time as Health Minister in the development of a new hospital, primary care centre and the reopening of the nursing school. Together with Sir Peter Caruana he had a central role in the negotiations that led to a new constitution for Gibraltar and in defence of Gibraltar’s rights against the joint sovereignty proposal of the Blair administration. He has been active in Gibraltar politics for more than 25 years. He is a Barrister and Queen’s Counsel. He holds a first degree in law & history [Univ of Keele] and a PhD in constitutional law from the University of Nottingham. In 2017 Keith returned to the GSD and contested the leadership election of the Party obtaining the support of 61% of votes cast. He has been GSD Leader since the election result was announced during the late evening on 30 November 2017. 

Since becoming Leader Keith has been engaged in restructuring the Party, broadening the participation in it, undertaking community outreach, developing policy rethink processes and overhauling the communications strategy.

“I want to renew and rebuild this Party, make it more dynamic and responsive and with fresh energy ensure it becomes a clear alternative to Government.”

For up to date news and comment follow Keith on twitter @keith_azopardi or e-mail

Meet the Team

Bossino MP

Shadow Minister for Housing and Lands

Clinton MP

Shadow Minister for Finance and Value for Money

Feetham MP

Shadow Minister for Care, Opportunity and Justice

Phillips MP

Shadow Minister for Health, Transport and the Environment

Reyes MP

Shadow Minister for Education, Employment, Culture and Sport