Our solid history can create a better future.

The GSD was founded in 1989, with its first Leader being Peter Montegriffo. At that stage, the GSD had one solitary MP in the then House of Assembly [now the Gibraltar Parliament].

When Mr Montegriffo resigned his Parliamentary seat in 1991, Peter Caruana, who had become Party Leader won that contested by-election against the then main Opposition Party, the AACR. At the 1992, general election, the GSD swept all opposition seats with Peter Caruana becoming Leader of the Opposition. In 1996, the GSD managed to overturn a massive majority that the GSLP had obtained at the previous 1992 general election and were elected to Government. The first GSD administration was made up of Chief Minister Peter Caruana, Deputy Chief MinisterPeter Montegriffo, Ernest Britto, Hubert Corby, Keith Azopardi, Joe Holliday, Bernard Linares and Jaime Netto. The GSD were then re-elected to Government in three subsequent general elections, 2000, 2003 and 2007.

The years of GSD government saw a massive social, economic and political transformation of Gibraltar. There was an extensive programme of investment in infrastructure, the health service, roads, housing, airport as well as a consolidation and expansion in financial services, tourism and shipping. Gibraltar also successfully obtained a new constitution after 8 years of negotiation and defeated the attempt to impose a joint sovereignty proposal against the wishes of the people of Gibraltar.

At the 2011 general election, the GSD lost a closely fought contest to the GSLP/Liberal Alliance and once again became the opposition. Peter Caruana became Leader of the Opposition, but announced in 2013 that he would stand down as Leader after twenty years at the helm of the Party. Daniel Feetham won the ensuing Leadership election against Damon Bossino and became Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition. At the 2015 general election the Party were returned to the Opposition seats. In July 2017, Daniel Feetham stood down as Party Leader citing personal reasons for doing so. Roy Clinton became the acting Opposition Leader until the leadership election to be held later in the year. At the leadership election held on 30 November 2017 Keith Azopardi was elected Party Leader, with 61% of the votes cast.

GSD Party Timeline

General Elections

In the 1992 election, the party won 20.2% of the popular vote and 7 seats.
In the 1996 election, the party won 52.20% of the popular vote and 8 seats.
In the 2000 election, the party won 58.35% of the popular vote and 8 seats.
In the 2003 election, the party won 51.45% of the popular vote and 8 seats.
In the 2007 election to the newly named Gibraltar Parliament, the party won 49.33% of the popular vote and 10 seats.
In the 2011 election, the party won 46.76% of the popular vote and 7 seats, and was unable to secure a fifth term.
In the 2015 election, the party won 31.56% of the popular vote and 7 seats.
In the 2019 election, the party won 25.6% of the popular vote and 6 seats.
In the 2023 election, the party won 48.1% of the popular vote and 8 seats.


In the 1991 by-election, Peter Caruana won 61.81% of the popular vote and won the seat.
In the 2013 by-election, Marlene Hassan Nahon won 39.95% of the popular vote.

Party Leaders

Dr Keith Azopardi KC November 2017 – Present
Roy Clinton July 2017 – November 2017 [Interim]
Daniel Feetham KC  January 2013 – July 2017
Sir Peter Caruana KC  May 1991 – January 2013
Peter Montegriffo 1989 – April 1991