We’re calling on Government to explain Charles Bruzon House delays

We have received representations from Senior Citizens who are now concerned at the unexplained delays in getting the keys to their newly allocated homes at Charles Bruzon House. It is now a whole month since the draw for the allocation of flats was made and as yet the Ministry for Housing is unable to say when residents will be able to move into their new homes.
A group of Senior Citizens have explained to us how they eagerly started to pack their personal belongings a month ago in order to be as ready as possible to move into their new homes with the minimum of delays. However, to date, the Ministry for Housing is unwilling to commit themselves to say when the keys to their new homes will actually be handed over. “It is not just a question of signing a new rental contract and getting your keys” explained a very concerned Senior Citizen, “we then have to make arrangements for the connections of electrical and potable water services. Based upon others’ experiences we know that the connection of these services will take some time unless we are willing to pay extra charges for a speedy service, this is something Senior Citizens wish to avoid”.
GSD MP, Edwin Reyes, calls upon the Minister for Housing and other senior officials to issue a statement so that all future residents of Charles Bruzon House may have their questions answered as soon as possible.
Edwin Reyes
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