We are promoting urgent public petitions to the UK and EU Parliaments saying NO to clause 22!

We are disappointed that the European Union appears to have singled out Gibraltar as a bilateral issue between the United Kingdom and Spain at the earliest possible juncture by the inclusion of a veto in the form of clause 22 in the draft negotiating position.

Despite the assurances of the UK Government, we want to ensure that the wishes of the people of Gibraltar continue to be heard in both the UK and EU Parliaments and that no stone is left unturned in the expression of those wishes.

Both the UK House of Commons and the EU Parliament have established mechanisms for the acceptance and reading of public petitions. We have drafted such petitions and made contact with the office of the Clerk of Public Petitions in the House of Commons. We will be inviting non governmental organisations and the Government to support both petitions in order to present a united front in defending Gibraltar’s interests.

We’ll be knocking on doors and will set up a stand on Main Street in the coming weeks, and those interested in signing the petition can also come down to GSD headquarters.

This is an important way in which the people of Gibraltar (in parallel with the Government) can express their concerns directly to the House of Commons and the EU Parliament on the EU draft negotiating position before they are ratified by the EU on 29 April 2017.

Say no to clause 22

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