Our Reaction to EU Negotiating Position on Gibraltar

We are disappointed that the European Union appears to have singled out Gibraltar as a bilateral issue between the United Kingdom and Spain at the earliest possible juncture.

The Attorney General Michael Llamas QC yesterday evening told the GFSB that he felt confident that Spain would not want to be seen by its European partners as being unreasonable by vetoing an entire deal between the U.K. and the EU because of its position in respect of Gibraltar.  It is precisely to avoid this situation that the European Union is now attempting to carve out Gibraltar as a bilateral issue between Spain and the United Kingdom. In practical terms it means that Spain could block Gibraltar’s access to any trade deal the U.K. may be able to negotiate with the EU and it also means that unlike the Irish border, which is a recognised EU issue, the Gibraltar border will become bilateral to the UK and Spain.

It now falls to the UK’s negotiating team to translate goodwill towards Gibraltar into action and reject outright such a prejudicial position to Gibraltar’s long term interests.

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