Meeting with UK Undersecretary of State for Exiting the EU

We took the opportunity yesterday to meet with UK Undersecretary of State for Exiting the EU, Robin Walker. Daniel Feetham, Roy Clinton, Trevor Hammond and Robert Vasquez attended the meeting in which a briefing was provided on the position of the UK Government with respect to Gibraltar and Brexit and assurances were given that many of the concerns peculiar to Gibraltar were of importance in the process.

We were able to set out our views, which have been consistent since the result of the referendum; that it was vital to Gibraltar’s interests that we be a part of any trade deals that Britain might make as part of this process with the EU and also with any third parties who are not in the EU; that we retain and expand upon the ‘single market’ with the UK, and that maintaining fluidity of flow of people and vehicles at the frontier was essential to our economy and could not be sacrificed to expedite or improve the outcome of negotiations for the United Kingdom.


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