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Pay people their money

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During the recent budget debate in Parliament the Alliance Government revealed that approximately 30 million pounds was owed to the general public (to individuals and companies) in tax rebates.

This is a debt owed by Government yet a provision to pay only £10 million has been made in this year’s estimates. This means that £20 million will not be paid to those who are owed that money right now. Additionally, the amount due to be refunded will probably increase by the end of the financial year as the tax office continues preparing assessments.

What is the point of the Government boasting about a surplus of £38 million when it owes the general public £30 million? Mr Picardo should stop spending money on luxuries, including his plush offices, and should pay people what his Government owes.

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Margallo doesn’t seem to get the message

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The caretaker Spanish Foreign Minister Margallo just doesn’t seem to get the message, Gibraltar is never going to agree to joint sovereignty and no amount of undemocratic pressure from the Spanish Government will change that.

We welcome the robust statements made by the new British Foreign Secretary who has not only reiterated the double-lock sovereignty commitment to Gibraltar, but confirmed that Gibraltar will be fully involved in the discussions on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. The British public would not forgive any betrayal of Gibraltar if those promises are broken and we have every confidence that will not happen.


Danny Feetham, GSD Party Leader, responding to the Spanish Foreign Minister’s recent statement said:

“These are self-serving statements on the part of Sr. Garcia-Margallo. Including Gibraltar in the negotiations between the EU and the UK may not be what he wants but it is what senior Ministers in the UK Government have promised Gibraltar and it, therefore, makes sense to the UK and Gibraltar. Nothing else matters.

“The problem with Sr. Garcia-Margallo is that he has not changed his belligerent tune in four years he has been at the helm of Spanish diplomacy and has achieved nothing for it.

“It certainly does nothing for the 10,000 Spanish nationals who cross the frontier every day to work in Gibraltar or the economy of the Campo to which Gibraltar is a significant net contributor.

“There is one part of his statement that we welcome and that is that his statement that his ‘foremost concern, as you would imagine are the Spanish workers that earn their living there’. Taken to its logical conclusion that must mean that Sr. Garcia-Margallo will not support restrictions at the border, because that will affect those very same workers. That expression of concern and its logical conclusion is one that Gibraltar should be consistently reminding the Spanish public”.

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The Alliance Government is pawning the family silver

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We’ve noted the contents of the Chief Minister’s Budget address and response in which it was announced that the Alliance Government had obtained £300 million of financing secured on 6 Government Housing Estates. We’ll be seeking further information in respect of this secured borrowing and its purpose in Parliament, but can reveal the housing estates and blocks affected:

1. The 6 Housing Estates mortgaged are Varyl Begg Estate, Moorish Castle Estate, Laguna Estate, Alameda Estate, Glacis Estate and Mid Harbour Estate.

2. This represents 83 Buildings as identified in the summary list below.

3. Tenants are thus it would appear now denied the right to buy their apartments.

We’ll continue to press the Alliance Government as to the need to raise this financing and how rents may be affected in the future.

List of Buildings and Housing Estates Mortgaged by Gibraltar Capital Assets Limited

Charge 20018  – Varyl Begg Estate

  • Ramillies House
  • Malaya House
  • Warspite House
  • Barham House
  • Repulse House
  • Alert House
  • Orsova House
  • Valiant House
  • Cathay House
  • Oronsay House
  • Carmania House
  • Chusan House
  • Royal Sovereign House
  • Mauretania House
  • Royal Oak House
  • Acquitania House
  • Canton House
  • Hermes House

Charge 20019 – Moorish Castle Estate

  • Wall House
  • Tarik House
  • Ince House
  • Castle House
  • Calpe House
  • Tower House
  • Keightley House
  • Key House

Charge 20020 – Laguna Estate

  • Fearless House
  • Ark Royal House
  • Renown House
  • Firedrake House
  • Kings House
  • Devon House
  • Somerville House
  • Resolution House
  • Hood House
  • Faulknor House
  • Sheffield House
  • Blackwatch House
  • Maidstone House
  • Forrestor House
  • Causeway House
  • Bayside House
  • Nelson House
  • Innundation House
  • Laguna House
  • Orillion House
  • Landport House
  • Somerset House
  • Liddell House
  • Madeira House
  • Jamaica House
  • Boyd House
  • Eliott House
  • Sortie House
  • Ballymena House
  • Kensington House
  • Rodney House
  • Forbes House
  • Mallard House
  • Smith Dorrien House

Charge 20021 – Alameda Estate

  • Kingsway House
  • Alameda House
  • Victoria House
  • Picton House
  • Red Sands House
  • Ross House
  • Governor’s Meadow House

Charge 20022 – Glacis Estate

  • George Jeger House
  • Archbishop Amigo House
  • Gustavo Bacarisa House
  • Brother O’Brien House
  • George Don House
  • Ironside House
  • Goole House
  • Portmore House
  • Constitution House
  • Referendum House
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