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You can’t trust Fabian Picardo
with our financial stability

In 2011, to get elected:

  • He told everyone that Gibraltar was bankrupt
  • He said he would reduce the gross national debt by half

In the last 4 years:

  • He’s doubled public debt on a 4 year spending spree!
  • He’s hidden £400m of public debt in a web of companies!

There is a better way…

You can’t trust the alliance to manage our power supply, especially the way they’re gambling with our safety over LNG.

In 2011, to get elected:

  • They said power supply was the most important issue affecting Gibraltar;
  • They promised to honour the contract which the GSD had for a new power station at Lathbury Barracks.

In the last 4 years:

  • They cancelled the GSD contract for the Lathbury power station, costing YOU the taxpayer £5 million!
  • Even now there are no safety reports on the LNG power station itself and the Environmental Safety Group are expressing serious concerns.

There is a better way…

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You can’t trust the GSLP-Libs to provide a better future for our young people.

In 2011, to get elected:

  • They said they would introduce a comprehensive training scheme of up to 3 years with a guaranteed job in a Government owned company at the end.

In the last 4 years:

  • They have condemned a whole generation of our youngsters with no adequate training in the future job strategy.

There is a better way…

Is this responsible or sustainable?

What does Peter Caruana say?

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Eastside “Blue Water” Development at Risk?

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Five months after the Eastside Blue Water Development was announced by the Government in June 2015 the GBP 83 million premium has not yet been paid by Camoren Holdings Limited to enable draft leases to be exchanged.

GSD Election Candidate Roy Clinton stated:

“We welcomed the announcement of the project at the time, however it is disappointing that the chosen developer has not yet paid the GBP 83 million as confirmed by the Hon Joe Bossano on last weeks GBC Money debate. In that debate Mr Bossano indicated that if the project fell through he had at least 2 other interested parties to step in. He also stated that he had not factored Blue Water into his Economic forecasts due to the uncertainty of the development. Given that the chosen developer was committed to financing the construction of 1000 affordable homes in the form of Bob Peliza Mews and Hassan Centenary Terraces it follows that these are also at risk. ”

It is unfortunate that the Government saw fit to raise expectations and issue glossy brochures for affordable housing when the developer had not yet paid any money to secure the land.


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Shared Concerns over LNG Bunkering

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We share the concerns of the Environmental Safety Group reference the comments made by Mr Bossano in a GBC debate last week on LNG bunkering.

Trevor Hammond, GSD candidate said “for the first time we have a statement from a Minister making clear that there are plans for Shell to conduct bunkering of LNG from the storage facilities, with all the additional risk that this poses to our community. Mr Bossano made clear that Shell would not otherwise be interested in the provision of stored LNG for the power station alone as this would not be economically viable. We have been saying this all along and the Government has been denying it. It is now clear that denial was yet another misrepresentation of the truth by Government and that they were holding back the information until after the election, a tactic that is becoming all too familiar from the alliance. We thank Mr Bossano for his honesty.

“The fact that we have been so often mislead by statements made on this issue by Government, whether that be their manifesto commitment at the last election to complete the Lathbury project, only to break that promise; or the publication of safety reports which they said they had and then didn’t, and which we are still waiting for; or the provision of bunkering which the Chief Minister himself assured us would not happen and yet now we discover is very much a part of the project to make it economically viable. We cannot trust anything we have been told about the GSLP North Mole power station project”.

No LNG at North Mole

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Daniel reflects on Trade Unionism in Gibraltar

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Daniel Feetham GSD
“Not only is it a sad day for Trade Unionism in Gibraltar when a Union like Unite starts interfering in local politics, but it is even worse when it is someone from outside doing the interfering and telling us what to do. That is precisely what Mr Coyne has done. Someone with no feel for this community, coming here and telling us how to vote. Unfortunately in his interview in the Gibraltar Chronicle today he is resorting to lies in order help his friends in the GSLP. He has said that we want to impose a tax on Trade Unionism. This is just simply not true. I come from a family with deep roots within the Trade Union movement and the TGWU in particular, I would never approve of anything like that. Be it on debt, spending, LNG, cronyism, credit finance or secret loans, the GSLP and their satellites are not being straight with you”.

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